New record: 3-D-printed optical-electronic integration

In this work, researchers demonstrate an electrically modulated microlaser module on a 3D-integrated microsystem composed of a dye-doped polymeric microcavity and an underneath microscale electrical heating circuit. The lasing mode was modulated based on electrical heating-assisted thermo-optic response of the polymeric matrices, which were further fabricated into coupled microdisks, yielding wavelength-tunable single-mode microlasers with selective electrical modulation. On this basis, a prototype of electrically controlled microlaser module with reduced signal cross-talk was achieved.

New record: 3-D-printed optical-electronic integration

Optoelectronic integration offers a promising strategy to simultaneously obtain the merits of electrons and photons when they serve as information carriers, including high-density communication ...

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New record: 3D-printed optical-electronic integration, Thu 13 Jun 19 from Eurekalert

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