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Chemists develop MRI technique for peeking inside battery-like devices

A team of chemists from New York University and the University of Cambridge has developed a method for examining the inner workings of battery-like devices called supercapacitors, which can ...

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Light pulses control graphene's electrical behavior

Graphene, an ultrathin form of carbon with exceptional electrical, optical, and mechanical properties, has become a focus of research on a variety of potential uses. Now researchers at MIT have ...

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Surprise: Biological microstructures light up after heating

Physicists from Radboud University investigated tubular biological microstructures that showed unexpected luminescence after heating. Their findings were published in Small on July 29. Optical ...

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Explaining the fascinating shape of freezing droplets

A water droplet deposited onto an icecold surface clearly has more effect than a drop in the ocean: the droplet will freeze in a peculiar way, forming a pointy tip. Scientists have found an ...

9 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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Flexible metamaterial absorbers designed to suppress electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic metamaterials boast special properties not found in nature and are rapidly emerging as a hot research topic for reasons extending far beyond "invisibility cloaks."

Thu 31 Jul 14 from

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Carbyne's List of Amazing Properties Grows

When this one-dimensional chain of carbon atoms is streched, it transitions from a conductor to an insulator

Wed 30 Jul 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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NSF Awards $330,000 Grant to Investigate Nanorod and Nanowire Synthesis Using Nanoparticle Seeds

A professor from Wayne State University’s College of Engineering recently received a $330,000 award from the National Science Foundation for the project, “Nanoparticle-directed synthesis...

Thu 31 Jul 14 from AZoNano

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Bruker snaps up super-resolution microscopy firm

University of Utah spin-out Vutara acquired by the scientific instrumentation giant.

Tue 29 Jul 14 from

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Serial time-encoded amplified microscopy for ultrafast imaging based on multi-wavelength laser

Ultrafast real-time optical imaging is an effective and important tool for studying dynamical events, such as shock waves, neural activity, laser surgery and chemical dynamics in living cells. ...

Mon 28 Jul 14 from

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Wenn Teilchen gleichzeitig nach rechts und nach links fallen

Ein Bleistift, der auf der Spitze steht, wird durch eine noch so kleine Störung in die eine oder die andere Richtung kippen. In der Quantenwelt ist es prinzipiell möglich, dass die Teilchen ...

15 hours ago from AlphaGalileo

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