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New microscope makes movies of tiny live specimens

Optical-lattice technique has a lighter touch with living samples

13 hours ago from Physics World

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Three-dimensional metamaterials with a natural bent

Metamaterials, a hot area of research today, are artificial materials engineered with resonant elements to display properties that are not found in natural materials. By organizing materials ...

4 hours ago from

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NIST offers electronics industry two ways to snoop on self-organizing molecules

A few short years ago, the idea of a practical manufacturing process based on getting molecules to organize themselves in useful nanoscale shapes seemed ... well, cool, sure, but also a little ...

Wed 22 Oct 14 from

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Special microscope captures defects in nanotubes

University of Oregon chemists have devised a way to see the internal structures of electronic waves trapped in carbon nanotubes by external electrostatic charges.

Tue 21 Oct 14 from

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Strengthening thin-film bonds with ultrafast data collection

When studying extremely fast reactions in ultrathin materials, two measurements are better than one. A new research tool invented by researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), ...

Mon 20 Oct 14 from

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The resolution revolution

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy earned three of its creators a Nobel prize this year. Emma Stoye focuses in on their story

Thu 23 Oct 14 from Chemistry World

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'Attosecond' science breakthrough

Scientists from Queen's University Belfast have been involved in a groundbreaking discovery in the area of experimental physics that has implications for understanding how radiotherapy kills ...

Tue 21 Oct 14 from

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Drop it like it's hot with Illumibowl's disco toilet light

Does your lack of cat-like night vision mean you make messes when hitting the bathroom at 2 a.m.? Thanks to Kickstarter, that could become a thing of the past. The Illumibowl is an LED light ...

Wed 22 Oct 14 from Engadget

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Extremely high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging

For the first time, researchers have succeeded to detect a single hydrogen atom using magnetic resonance imaging, which signifies a huge increase in the technology's spatial resolution. In the ...

Tue 21 Oct 14 from

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See-through, one-atom-thick, carbon electrodes powerful tool to study brain disorders

Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine and School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have used graphene—a two-dimensional ...

Mon 20 Oct 14 from

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