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Plasmons convert light into a voltage

Discovery of "plasmoelectric effect" could lead to new solar cells.

9 hours ago from Nanotechweb

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DARPA circuit achieves speeds of 1 trillion cycles per second, earns Guinness world record

Officials from Guinness World Records today recognized DARPA's Terahertz Electronics program for creating the fastest solid-state amplifier integrated circuit ever measured. The ten-stage common-source ...

12 hours ago from

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A quantum leap in nanoparticle efficiency

( —New research has unlocked the secrets of efficiency in nanomaterials, that is, materials with very tiny particles, which will improve the future development of chemical sensors used ...

13 hours ago from

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Gold nanoparticle chains confine light to the nanoscale

A multidisciplinary team at the Centre d'Elaboration de Matériaux et d'Etudes Structurales (CEMES, CNRS), working in collaboration with physicists in Singapore and chemists in Bristol (UK), ...

Wed 29 Oct 14 from

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Ultrafast electron diffraction experiments open a new window on the microscopic world

Researchers at McGill University have succeeded in simultaneously observing the reorganizations of atomic positions and electron distribution during the transformation of the "smart material" ...

Mon 27 Oct 14 from

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3-D Printed Gardens may reinvent urban green spaces

3-D printing has taken the world by storm, and even though we’ve already discovered a myriad of potential applications, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface on what the technology ...

Wed 29 Oct 14 from ZME Science

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Faster switching helps ferroelectrics become viable replacement for transistors

( —Ferroelectric materials – commonly used in transit cards, gas grill igniters, video game memory and more – could become strong candidates for use in next-generation computers, thanks ...

Mon 27 Oct 14 from

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Subwavelength optical fibers to diffuse light

Researchers at the Femto-ST Institute, working in collaboration with colleagues from the Charles Fabry Laboratory (CNRS/Institut d'Optique Graduate School), have just discovered a new type of ...

Mon 27 Oct 14 from

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New microscope makes movies of tiny live specimens

Optical-lattice technique has a lighter touch with living samples

Thu 23 Oct 14 from Physics World

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