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AI on a MEMS Device Brings Neuromorphic Computing to the Edge

For first time artificial intelligence has been integrated into a MEMS device

8 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Blue phosphorus—mapped and measured for the first time

Until recently, the existence of 'blue' phosphorus was pure theory. Now, an HZB team has examined samples of blue phosphorus at BESSY II for the first time and mapped their electronic band structure. ...

10 hours ago from

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High entropy alloys hold the key to studying dislocation avalanches in metals

Mechanical structures are only as sound as the materials from which they are made. For decades researchers have studied materials from these structures to see why and how they fail. Before catastrophic ...

Mon 15 Oct 18 from

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Researchers announce the discovery of an atomic electronic simulator

Targeting applications like neural networks for machine learning, a new discovery out of the University of Alberta and Quantum Silicon Inc. in Edmonton, Canada is paving the way for atomic ultra-efficient ...

Mon 15 Oct 18 from

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Discovery of a simple mechanism for color detection

Color vision, consisting of ocular color detection, is achieved with complicated neural mechanisms in the eyes. Researchers from Osaka City University in Japan have found color detection with ...

Mon 15 Oct 18 from

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Exploring new spintronics device functionalities in graphene heterostructures

Graphene Flagship researchers have shown how heterostructures built from graphene and topological insulators have strong, proximity induced spin-orbit coupling which can form the basis of novel ...

3 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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Covalently modified two-dimensional arsenic

The discovery of graphene, a material made of one or very few atomic layers of carbon, started a boom. Today, such two-dimensional materials are no longer limited to carbon and are hot prospects ...

Mon 15 Oct 18 from

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How An MRI Machine Zapped Only Apple iPhones, iPads And Watches In An Entire Building

Doctors and researchers have used MRI machines for over forty years to create detailed images of internal organs and tissues. But do MRI machines play well with other modern inventions? One ...

Sat 13 Oct 18 from HotHardware

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Researchers quickly harvest 2-D materials, bringing them closer to commercialization

Since the 2003 discovery of the single-atom-thick carbon material known as graphene, there has been significant interest in other types of 2-D materials as well.

Fri 12 Oct 18 from

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Graphene shows unique potential to exceed bandwidth demands of future telecommunications

Researchers within the Graphene Flagship project, one of the biggest research initiatives of the European Commission, showed that integrated graphene-based photonic devices offer a unique solution ...

Fri 12 Oct 18 from

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