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Researchers make strides in their quest to develop an underwater adhesive

In an important step toward creating a practical underwater glue, researchers at UC Santa Barbara have designed a synthetic material that combines the key functionalities of interfacial mussel ...

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Scientists prepare elusive organocatalysts for drug and fine chemical synthesis 

Rice University scientists using an efficient metal-free process have synthesized dozens of small-molecule catalysts, tools that promise to speed the making of novel chemicals, including drugs.

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Atom-sized craters make a catalyst much more active

Bombarding and stretching an important industrial catalyst opens up tiny holes on its surface where atoms can attach and react, greatly increasing its activity as a promoter of chemical reactions, ...

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Inkjet Hologram Printing now Possible

Vivid holographic images and text can now be produced by means of an ordinary inkjet printer.Read more about Inkjet Hologram Printing now Possible Comments

13 hours ago from Laboratory Equipment

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Origami Kits Unfold into Portable, Pop-Up Rooms

Compressed paper kits stretch out accordion-style into benches, walls, chairs, tables and lights. Continue reading ?

Mon 23 Nov 15 from

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Simulation shows diamond nanothread may not have to be so brittle after all

(—A team of researchers from Australia and Singapore has found via simulation that diamond nanothreads may not have to be as brittle as has been assumed. In their paper uploaded to ...

Mon 23 Nov 15 from

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New supercomputer simulations enhance understanding of protein motion and function

Supercomputing simulations at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory could change how researchers understand the internal motions of proteins that play functional, structural ...

Mon 23 Nov 15 from

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Hardened steels for more efficient engines

Scientists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are working on the development of a new process for hardening steel: With the help of methylamine, they enrich low-alloy steels with carbon ...

Fri 20 Nov 15 from

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Scientists produce graphene 100 times cheaper than ever before

Since first being synthesized by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov at the University of Manchester in 2004, there has been an extensive effort to exploit the extraordinary properties of ...

Sun 22 Nov 15 from Gizmag

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How Animal Hairs Could Inspire Cleaner Tech

A pair of physicist-biologists show the many ways animals use hairs to keep clean – and how we might leverage nature's design expertise.Your dog smells and tracks mud through the house, sure, ...

Wed 18 Nov 15 from MIT Technology Review

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