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Mass spectrometry sheds new light on thallium poisoning cold case

In 1994, Chinese university student Zhu Ling began experiencing stomach pain, hair loss and partial paralysis. By the time doctors diagnosed Ling with thallium poisoning about four months later, ...

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Video: Should Santa wear a flame-retardant suit?

Saint Nick faces a host of hazards during the holiday season, from the calories in cookies to the dying embers in your fireplace.

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Pushing lithium ion batteries to the next performance level

Conventional lithium ion batteries, such as those widely used in smartphones and notebooks, have reached performance limits. Materials chemist Freddy Kleitz from the Faculty of Chemistry of ...

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Scientists maximize the effectiveness of platinum in fuel cells

In the journal Science, Argonne chemists have identified a new catalyst that maximizes the effectiveness of platinum.

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MIT system uses sunlight to produce super-heated steam

Back in 2014, we heard how MIT scientists had developed a graphite/carbon "sponge" which used sunlight to convert water into steam very efficiently. They've now improved on the design, ...

Wed 12 Dec 18 from Gizmag

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Selective dissolution of elemental gold from multi-metal sources in organic solutions

"Urban mining", the recycling of precious metals from electronic gadgets, becomes ever more important, although processes that are both efficient and environmentally benign are still scarce. ...

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Barely scratching the surface: A new way to make robust membranes

Argonne researchers have demonstrated a new technique's viability for membranes.

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Light-induced modification of a carboxylic acid with an aminocyclopropenone

Researchers at Kanazawa University report in the Journal of Organic Chemistry that carboxylic acids, functional groups contained in biomolecules, drugs and materials, can be readily modified ...

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Peeling off slimy biofilms like old stickers

Slimy, hard-to-clean bacterial mats called biofilms cause problems ranging from medical infections to clogged drains and fouled industrial equipment. Now, researchers have found a way to cleanly ...

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Obtaining polyester from plant oil

The development of future technologies that are not based on mineral oil and can be used for producing chemicals and plastics is one of the major tasks in modern materials science and a key ...

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