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Researchers succeed in materials synthesis for high efficiency in biological reaction

A DGIST research team succeeded in synthesizing new biomimetic materials that will increase the efficiency of chemical reaction related to body metabolism, and discovered that synthesized materials ...

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Nylon as a building block for transparent electronic devices?

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) led by Dr. Kamal Asadi have solved a four-decade-long challenge of producing very thin nylon films that can be used in electronic ...

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Ring-shaped multi-carbon compound cyclocarbon synthesized

A team of researchers from Oxford University and IBM Research has for the first time successfully synthesized the ring-shaped multi-carbon compound cyclocarbon. In their paper published in the ...

Fri 16 Aug 19 from

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Stronger graphene oxide 'paper' made with weaker units

Want to make a super strong material from nano-scale building blocks? Start with the highest quality building blocks, right?

Thu 15 Aug 19 from

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Organic dye in zinc oxide interlayer stabilizes and boosts the performance of organic solar cells

Organic solar cells are made of cheap and abundant materials, but their efficiency and stability still lag behind those of silicon-based solar cells. A Chinese-German team of scientists has ...

Fri 16 Aug 19 from

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Green chemists find a way to turn cashew nut shells into sunscreen

A team of international scientists has found an environmentally friendly way of producing potential sunscreens by using cashew nut shells, a waste material.

Thu 15 Aug 19 from

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Citizen to Launch 'World's Most Accurate' Quartz Wristwatch (1)

Citizen Watch Co Ltd will release what it claims is the world's most accurate quartz wristwatch in the fall of 2019.

Thu 15 Aug 19 from Tech-On

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Scientists find a way to create long-life, fast-charging batteries

A group of researchers led by Skoltech Professor Pavel Troshin studied coordination polymers, a class of compounds with scarcely explored applications in metal-ion batteries, and demonstrated ...

Thu 15 Aug 19 from

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Greener, faster and cheaper way to make patterned metals for solar cells and electronics

An innovative way to pattern metals has been discovered by scientists in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warwick, which could make the next generation of solar panels more sustainable ...

Wed 14 Aug 19 from

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Damaged hearts rewired with nanotube fibers

Thin, flexible fibers made of carbon nanotubesáhave now proven able to bridge damaged heart tissues and deliver the electrical signals needed to keep those hearts beating.

Tue 13 Aug 19 from Medical Xpress

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