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Nanoparticle ink produces glowing holograms with simple inkjet printer

Researchers at ITMO University unveiled a new approach for printing luminescent structures based on nanoparticle ink. The unique optical properties of the ink were achieved by means of europium-doped ...

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Clay-nanotube film keeps foods fresher for longer

Run-of-the-mill plastic cling wrap sure is better than nothing when it comes to keeping food fresh, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Scientists have now developed ...

16 hours ago from Gizmag

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'Coffee-ring effect' harnessed to provide rapid, low-cost analysis of tap water

"What's in your water?" has become an increasingly fraught question for many people in the U.S. and around the world. Getting the answer isn't always easy or cheap. Today, scientists are reporting ...

Tue 22 Aug 17 from

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Researchers devise microreactor to study formation of methane hydrate

Researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering are using a novel means of studying how methane and water form methane hydrate that allows them to examine discrete steps in the process faster ...

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Heatable electric fabric could keep soldiers warm and dry

Keeping safe and comfortable in arctic conditions is a precarious balancing act between protecting one's self against the cold without overheating. This is particularly true of a soldier's ...

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Spinning Plant Waste Into Carbon Fiber for Cars, Planes

Using plants and trees to make products such as paper or ethanol leaves behind a residue called lignin, a component of plant cell walls. That leftover lignin isn't good for much and often gets ...

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Systematically studying slippery surfaces

Betaines are materials with both a positively charged functional group and a negatively charged functional group linked by an alkyl chain spacer. This combination of functional groups causes ...

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Silk could improve sensitivity, flexibility of wearable body sensors

From smart socks to workout clothes that measure exertion, wearable body sensors are becoming the latest "must-have" technology. Now scientists report they are on the cusp of using silk, one ...

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Why whisky tastes better with a wee drop of water

For many people, adding anything to a single malt whisky is close to sacrilege, but it's generally acknowledged that adding a drop or two of water to lesser blends enhances the flavor. ...

Sat 19 Aug 17 from Gizmag

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Discovery could lead to new catalyst design to reduce nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust

Researchers have discovered a new reaction mechanism that could be used to improve catalyst designs for pollution control systems to further reduce emissions of smog-causing nitrogen oxides ...

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