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Scientists develop 3-D model of regulator protein bax

Scientists at Freie Universität Berlin, the University of Tubingen, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) provide a new 3D model of the protein Bax, a key regulator of ...

Fri 21 Nov 14 from

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Research team developing injectable treatment for soldiers wounded in battle

Internal bleeding is a leading cause of death on the battlefield, but a new, injectable material developed by team of researchers from Texas A&M University and the Massachusetts Institute of ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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A fluorescent nanoprobe could become a universal, noninvasive method to identify and monitor tumors

A*STAR researchers have developed a hybrid metal–polymer nanoparticle that lights up in the acidic environment surrounding tumor cells. Nonspecific probes that can identify any kind of tumor ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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A Single Nanoparticle Enables Two Medical Imaging Techniques

New capability could open up its use for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic processes

Thu 20 Nov 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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A gut reaction

Queen's University biologist Virginia Walker and Queen's SARC Awarded Postdoctoral Fellow Pranab Das have shown nanosilver, which is often added to water purification units, can upset your gut. ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Radboud University Biomolecular Systems Researcher wins Mildred Dresselhaus Award

Dr. Anouk Rijs, researcher at the Molecular and biophysics group at Radboud University, has been awarded a Mildred Dresselhaus Award which includes a guest professorship. These awards are given ...

Fri 21 Nov 14 from AZoNano

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Study suggests light may be skewing lab tests on nanoparticles' health effects

Truth shines a light into dark places. But sometimes to find that truth in the first place, it's better to stay in the dark. That's what recent findings at the National Institute of Standards ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Next generation biomarker detects tumour cells and delivers anti-cancer drugs

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has invented a unique biomarker with two exceptional functions.

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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A novel method for identifying the body's 'noisiest' networks

( —A team of scientists led by Yale University systems biologist and biomedical engineer Andre Levchenko has developed a novel method for mapping the biochemical variability, or "noise," ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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