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Protein mingling under blue light

One of the current challenges in biology is to understand rapidly-changing phenomena. Interestingly, only a small fraction of them is due to proteins acting in isolation, the majority of biological ...

Fri 23 Jun 17 from

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A unique amino acid for brain cancer therapy

Photodynamic therapy is often used to treat brain tumors because of its specificity—it can target very small regions containing cancerous cells while sparing the normal cells around it from ...

Fri 23 Jun 17 from Medical Xpress

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Scientists spy on the secret inner life of bacteria

New images reveal the inner workings of bacteria.

Thu 22 Jun 17 from ScienceNews

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Metafluorophores go multiplex

Colourful and extremely bright DNA-based nanostructures improve optical microscopy.

Fri 23 Jun 17 from Nanotechweb

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Scientists call for immediate halt to consumer use of two widespread antimicrobial chemicals

A pair of chemicals—prized for their antimicrobial properties—rose to become superstars in industry. Triclocarban is used in various soaps, while triclosan additionally appears in thousands ...

Thu 22 Jun 17 from Medical Xpress

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Lighting the spark

Remember the award winning film, Ek Doctor Ki Maut? It depicted bureaucratic negligence and the insult suffered by a doctor who found a vaccine for leprosy. The plot was based on the real life ...

17 hours ago from The Hindu

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Tiny nanoparticles offer significant potential in detecting/treating disease new review of work on exosomes

Tiny nanoparticles offer significant potential in detecting and treating disease - new review

Thu 22 Jun 17 from

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Researchers work with dogs to sniff out chemicals that identify human remains

Researchers from the University of Leicester are working with police forces in the UK to improve the accuracy of police dogs in identifying human remains in criminal investigations.

Fri 23 Jun 17 from

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New insight into a central biological dogma on ion transport

New research results from Aarhus University and New York University show how active transport of potassium can be achieved by a membrane protein complex that has roots in both ion pump and ion ...

Thu 22 Jun 17 from

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Algorithm leads to a dramatic improvement in drug discovery methods

Antibiotics for treating particularly resistant diseases, molecules that block immune system overreactions, molecules that inhibit the growth of cancer cells by removing excess iron, molecules ...

Thu 22 Jun 17 from

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