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Self-powered paper-based 'SPEDs' may lead to new medical-diagnostic tools

A new medical-diagnostic device made out of paper detects biomarkers and identifies diseases by performing electrochemical analyses - powered only by the user's touch - and reads out the color-coded ...

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Walmart expands grocery service with Uber to 2 more markets

Walmart is expanding its grocery delivery service with ride-hailing service Uber to two more markets—Dallas and Orlando, Florida.

Mon 21 Aug 17 from

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Technique expedites chemical screening to prioritize toxicity testing

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a high-throughput technique that can determine if a chemical has the potential to activate key genes in seconds rather than the ...

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Sopping up sunblock from oceans to save coral reefs

Coral reefs can't seem to catch a break. Not only are rising temperatures wreaking havoc with their environment, but emerging evidence suggests that a certain sunblock component in many lotions ...

Mon 21 Aug 17 from

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How cytoplasm 'feels' to a cell's components

Under a microscope, a cell's cytoplasm can resemble a tiny underwater version of New York's Times Square: Thousands of proteins swarm through a cytoplasm's watery environment, coming together ...

Tue 22 Aug 17 from

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Scientists find soil bacteria require two-layer security, just like digital world

Those people at Google think they're sooooo smart. So, too, the Apple and Microsoft wunderkinds.

Tue 22 Aug 17 from

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Gut-on-chip good predictor of drug side-effects

Research conducted at Leiden has established that guts-on-chips respond in the same way to aspirin as real human organs do. This is a sign that these model organs are good predictors of the ...

Tue 22 Aug 17 from Medical Xpress

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Smart label could one day let you know when to toss food and cosmetics

Detecting food and cosmetic spoilage and contamination. Identifying new medicinal plants in a remote jungle. Authenticating tea and wine. Scientists have developed a low-cost, portable, paper-based ...

Mon 21 Aug 17 from

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New technology to capture live cell images opening new possibilities to the study of cell biology

Researchers at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have developed a new generation of microscope, which not only could capture 3D live cell videos, but the resulted images ...

Mon 21 Aug 17 from

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