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Venom versus poison: what is the difference?

It's a matter of life and death!

8 hours ago from ZME Science

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Researchers watch biomolecules at work

Scientists at the University of Bonn have succeeded in observing an important cell protein at work using a method that measures structural changes within complex molecules. The procedure makes ...

Fri 9 Dec 16 from

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For life-saving blood purification, magnets may trump antibiotics

Although over half of all cases of blood poisoning prove fatal, the condition can be cured if caught early. That's why doctors typically start administering antibiotics as soon as they ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from Gizmag

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Going with the flow: Facile synthesis of a complex biologically active oligopeptide

Scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology utilized micro-flow amide bond formation to achieve total synthesis of the structurally complex, biologically active natural product, feglymycin. ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from

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Photonic crystal enhanced microscope sheds light on wound healing and cancer metastasis

University of Illinois Electrical & Computer Engineering and Bioengineering Professor Brian Cunningham's Nano Sensors group has invented a novel live-cell imaging method that could someday help ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from

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Miraculous proliferation

Bacteria able to shed their cell wall assume new, mostly spherical shapes. ETH researchers have shown that these cells, known as L-forms, are not only viable but that their reproductive mechanisms ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from

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Molecular switches researched in detail

Seeing, smelling, tasting, regulation of blood pressure – molecular switches are involved in all of these processes. The mechanism with which these proteins are switched off has been analysed ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from

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Probe offers more accurate detection of key biomarker for cancer and inflammatory disease

A new technique offers better sensitivity and accuracy in detecting an essential biomarker of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Wed 7 Dec 16 from

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An amino acid controls plants' breath

Plants breathe and "sweat" through stomata, microscopic pores found on leaves, stems and other plant organs. Through the stomata, plants take up carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and breathe ...

Tue 6 Dec 16 from

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The balancing act in membrane turnover—an enzyme that links endocytosis to membrane recycling

All cells have surface membranes, and this membrane is especially important in the light-sensitive cells of the eyes in your body. Within your eyes are millions of photoreceptors - nerve cells ...

Tue 6 Dec 16 from

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