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3-D-printed bioabsorbable scaffold for ACL reconstruction with bone regeneration

Researchers have designed a 3D-printed porous scaffold for use in reconstructing ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) in the knee and engineered it to deliver a human bone-promoting protein ...

5 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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A traffic cop for the cell surface: Researchers illuminate a basic biological process

On the surfaces of our trillions of cells is a complex crowd of molecules moving around, talking to each other, occasionally segregating themselves, and triggering basic functions ranging from ...

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New technology offers fast peptide synthesis

Manufacturing small proteins known as peptides is usually very time-consuming, which has slowed development of new peptide drugs for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and bacterial infections.

4 hours ago from

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Neutrons, simulation analysis of tRNA-nanodiamond combo could transform drug delivery design principles

It's not enough to design new drugs. For drugs to be effective, they have to be delivered safely and intact to affected areas of the body. And drug delivery, much like drug design, is an immensely ...

9 hours ago from

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New structural studies reveal workings of a molecular pump that ejects cancer drugs

Sometimes cells resist medication by spitting it back out. Cancer cells, in particular, have a reputation for defiantly expelling the chemotherapy drugs meant to kill them. Researchers at The ...

Fri 24 Feb 17 from

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How proteins reshape cell membranes

Small "bubbles" frequently form on membranes of cells and are taken up into their interior. The process involves EHD proteins - a focus of research by Prof. Oliver Daumke of the MDC. He and ...

Fri 24 Feb 17 from

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Unlocking the healing secrets of Komodo dragon blood

Downing a vial of Komodo dragon blood to fight a bacterial infection might sound like something prescribed by a meister on "Game of Thrones," but new research shows that the substance ...

Wed 22 Feb 17 from Gizmag

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New role of cholesterol in regulating brain proteins discovered

A study led by researchers at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) and the Faculty of Medicine in Charité Hospital, Berlin demonstrates that the cholesterol present in cell ...

Thu 23 Feb 17 from Medical Xpress

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Cocaine-addicted brains stockpile iron

The finding could lead to much needed treatments to help addicts kick the habit, reports Dyani Lewis.

Wed 22 Feb 17 from Cosmos Magazine

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New method reveals how proteins stabilize the cell surface

To withstand external mechanical stress and handle trafficking of various substances, a cell needs to adjust its surrounding membrane. This is done through small indentations on the cell surface ...

Wed 22 Feb 17 from

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