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New method for quicker and simpler production of lipidated proteins

Some of the body's proteins are not just made up of amino acids, they are also 'decorated' with lipid chains, which significantly influence the biological functions of the protein. An example ...

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From ribbon to scroll: Gaining shape control by electrostatics

Northwestern Engineering materials science researchers have uncovered new insights into how electrostatic interactions can be regulated to attain and control scroll-like cochleate structures, ...

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Synthetic cells make long-distance calls

The search for effective biological tools is a marathon, not a sprint, even when the distances are on the microscale. A discovery at Rice University on how engineered communities of cells communicate ...

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Consumer confidence in package delivery services vital for online retailers

New research published in an upcoming edition of the INFORMS journal Management Science finds that an online retailer's delivery strategy is imperative to that retailer's success and can be ...

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Machine learning tool refines personalized immunotherapy

Scientists have developed a new and more accurate method to identify the molecular signs of cancer likely to be presented to helper T cells, which stimulate and orchestrate the immune response ...

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October's SLAS Technology Special Issue Published

In the October Special Issue of SLAS Technology, Guest Editors Soojung Claire Hur, Ph.D., and Deok-Ho Kim, Ph.D., (Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD, USA) introduce a collection of articles ...

Mon 14 Oct 19 from Newswise

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'Tricked' bacteria open new pathways to antimicrobial treatments

Scientists have developed a new technique to trick bacteria into revealing hundreds of holes in their cell walls, opening the door for drugs that destroy bacteria's cells.

Thu 10 Oct 19 from

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Folding a drop of water solves a longstanding challenge in portable diagnostic devices

If you've ever stopped to watch rain falling on a windowpane, you've seen what happens when two drops of water touch and merge into one. The physics at work in this phenomenon could provide ...

Wed 9 Oct 19 from

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Scientists ask: How can liquid organelles in cells coexist without merging?

New research may help to explain an intriguing phenomenon inside human cells: how wall-less liquid organelles are able to coexist as separate entities instead of just merging together.

Thu 10 Oct 19 from ScienceDaily

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Technology to use hot air balloons for rocket launches competes in a startup battlefield

Leo Aerospace, a Purdue University-affiliated startup looking to launch rockets with the help of hot air balloons, has taken to the technology battlefield to receive worldwide attention for ...

Thu 10 Oct 19 from TechXplore

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