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Researchers design wearable microscope that can measure fluorescent dyes through skin

UCLA researchers working with a team at Verily Life Sciences have designed a mobile microscope that can detect and monitor fluorescent biomarkers inside the skin with a high level of sensitivity, ...

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Iron nanoparticles make immune cells attack cancer

Stanford researchers accidentally discovered that iron nanoparticles invented for anemia treatment have another use: triggering the immune system's ability to destroy tumor cells.

Mon 26 Sep 16 from

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A rule of chemistry suppressed: Promising new ways to look inside cells, make LEDs

Glow-in-the-dark stickers, weird deep-sea fish, LED lightbulbs—all have forms of luminescence. In other words, instead of just reflecting light, they make their own.

Mon 26 Sep 16 from

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How the anthrax toxin forms a deadly 'conveyer belt'

Researchers have built a three-dimensional map of the anthrax toxin that may explain how it efficiently transfers its lethal components into the cytoplasm of infected cells. The study, "Structure ...

Mon 26 Sep 16 from

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Plant-made antimicrobial peptide targets dental plaque and gum tissues

Protein drugs, which derive from biological sources, represent some of the most important and effective biopharmaceuticals on the market. Some, like insulin, have been used for decades, while ...

Fri 23 Sep 16 from

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Tattoo therapy could ease chronic disease

A temporary tattoo to help control a chronic disease might someday be possible, according to scientists at Baylor College of Medicine who tested antioxidant nanoparticles created at Rice University.

Thu 22 Sep 16 from Medical Xpress

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Radical protein modifications

Versatile method uses C–C bond formation to decorate proteins with various groups

Fri 23 Sep 16 from CandEN

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Exoskeleton for rehabilitation of specific body parts

Exoskeletons are mechanical structures applied externally to the body; their function is to improve movement, support people suffering from injury or to increase physical strength to lift heavy ...

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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Multi stimuli-responsive nanocapsules selectively deliver drugs to exactly where they are needed

A nanoparticle-based drug delivery system that can sense and respond to different conditions in the body, as well as to an externally applied magnetic field, could enhance doctors' ability to ...

Wed 21 Sep 16 from

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New findings give insight into the cell membrane repair process of torn muscle fibers

Everybody knows the burning sensation in the legs when climbing down a steep slope for a long time. It is caused by microruptures in the cell membrane of our muscle fibers. These holes in the ...

Wed 21 Sep 16 from Medical Xpress

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