Incredible shrinking 3D printer can make really tiny objects

A method for 3D printing minuscule objects produces them at a larger size and then shrinks them to one thousandth of the original volume

Thu 13 Dec 18 from Newscientist

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Researchers use jiggly Jell-O to make powerful new hydrogen fuel catalyst

A cheap and effective new catalyst developed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, can generate hydrogen fuel from water just as efficiently as platinum, currently the best—but ...

8 hours ago from

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Electronic pill can relay diagnostic information or release drugs in response to smartphone commands

Researchers at MIT, Draper, and Brigham and Women's Hospital have designed an ingestible capsule that can be controlled using Bluetooth wireless technology. The capsule, which can be customized ...

Thu 13 Dec 18 from TechXplore

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Collagen nanofibrils in mammalian tissues get stronger with exercise

Collagen is the fundamental building block of muscles, tissues, tendons, and ligaments in mammals. It is also widely used in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Although scientists have a good ...

22 hours ago from

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Mobile device makes the detection of parasitic infections faster and more sensitive using artificial intelligence

Parasitic infections affect hundreds of millions of people, posing a serious public health threat worldwide. For example, sleeping sickness and Chagas disease are neglected tropical diseases ...

Thu 13 Dec 18 from

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The splendid generative potential of the Sierpinski triangle

One transistor can become an oscillator with a surprising richness of behavior. However, even more interesting effects emerge if the structure of connections is fractal and shows some imperfections. ...

6 hours ago from

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Mass spectrometry sheds new light on thallium poisoning cold case

In 1994, Chinese university student Zhu Ling began experiencing stomach pain, hair loss and partial paralysis. By the time doctors diagnosed Ling with thallium poisoning about four months later, ...

22 hours ago from

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New discovery improves use of optical tweezers

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded for discoveries in laser physics, recognizes optical tweezers. Now researchers from the University of Gothenburg have developed a method that greatly ...

Thu 13 Dec 18 from

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Video: Should Santa wear a flame-retardant suit?

Saint Nick faces a host of hazards during the holiday season, from the calories in cookies to the dying embers in your fireplace.

Thu 13 Dec 18 from

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Pushing lithium ion batteries to the next performance level

Conventional lithium ion batteries, such as those widely used in smartphones and notebooks, have reached performance limits. Materials chemist Freddy Kleitz from the Faculty of Chemistry of ...

Thu 13 Dec 18 from

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